EO Star is IIHF Bound!

U22 Player, Natasha DubĂ© is returning to the international hockey scene this January with Team Australia in Jaca, Spain.  This will be Natasha's third appearance with Team Australia after bringing home a bronze medal followed by a gold!  We are all very excited to see how the team plays in the U18 Div 1 group B pool.

Natasha has been with Gloucester-Cumberland Girls Hockey since her first year of Atom after playing a couple seasons in Australia in house league with the boys.  Her first time on the ice with a girls team was here in house league.  She progressed from there to Atom C, and steadily up the ranks into AA.  Natasha is a testiment of what hard work and dedication and love of hockey can do for an athlete.

When she is not on the ice with her team, you can usually find her at the rink doing some extra training or shooting pucks in her back yard rink in the winter.

Keep up the good work, Natasha!  We'll be cheering for you from this side of the world next month!

(when / if streaming information is available for her games, we'll be sure to share on Instagram and Facebook!)